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  • Web Design and User Experience

    Web Design & User Experience

    I have been designing websites for over 5 years. Within that time I have designed 35+ websites ranging from large ecommerce websites to web applications and everything in-between. Throughout that time there have been significant...
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  • Frontend Development

    Frontend Development

    Frontend/client-side development is more than just understanding HTML, CSS and Jquery. Frontend development is about bringing a website from concept to reality. It is about making a website as current as possible, utilizing all...
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  • Print Design

    Print Design

    From business cards to advertisements it is important to have a look that is consistent with your company profile and conducive to your market. It is more important than ever to capture your clients and customers quickly...
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  • Branding


    A company's brand is its' signature. It represents the company as a whole and is crucial for customer/client recognition and credibility. A great logo will set apart a company from its competitors.
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  • Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    The main goal of any internet marketing campaign is to drive traffic. I have consulted and managed many internet marketing projects including pay-per-click campaigns(PPC), as well as search engine optimization(SEO) for...
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David Henry

Hi, my name is David Henry. I am the designer behind Reclaim Design. I created Reclaim Design LLC in 2009, however, I have been doing freelance design projects since 2008. I started my career in internet marketing with SaveOnResorts.com in February of 2008, but I quickly realized that I had a strong knack for web design. Design had always been something I was passionate about, but with a bachelor's degree in business administration I had little thought of making it a career.
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My Skills

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • CSS/HTML 95%
  • Jquery 40%



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Phone: (971) 231-4002

Email: info@reclaimdesign.com