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  • Web Design and User Experience

    Web Design & User Experience

    I have been designing websites for over 5 years. Within that time I have designed 35+ websites ranging from large ecommerce websites to web applications and everything in-between. Throughout that time there have been significant changes in the industry, yet the purpose of the website has remained constant. Whether it is monetary or informational, the principle of every website is to generate business. A major determination of a website's ability to generate business is based off of the web design and user experience.

    Web design and user experience are not mutually exclusive, they are actually interconnected. Good web design is accomplished when form (web design) and function (user experience) are created with balance and consideration. For example, a website with very little form causes users to question the websites credibility, validity or even its security. A website with too much form can cause large variations in a user's reaction (love vs. hate). Websites with very little function cause user confusion and frustration. A website with too much focus on function can lead a user to a sterile and uninteresting experience.

    From my experience there is no ultimate formula to create the perfect website, it's a balancing act of form and function that is unique to each project. The final ratio is determined by the consideration of industry standards and the target user.

  • Frontend Development

    Frontend Development

    Frontend/client-side development is more than just understanding HTML, CSS and Jquery. Frontend development is about bringing a website from concept to reality. It is about making a website as current as possible, utilizing all of the latest technology like HTML5, CSS3, responsive and adaptive designs while still considering the compatibility issues of older browsers like IE7 and IE8. It is also vital to leave a code base that can be easily understood using top down organization, good notes and W3C standards.

    With any development it is essential for me to understand the full scope of the project to help employ the best language and framework to meet the specific project's needs. A framework I use frequently is WordPress. A custom WordPress setup has a lot of built-in features which allows for quick implementation. With a WordPress framework, you have the ability to implement a multitude of various plugins. It also allows you to quickly setup shopping carts either through simple integration or an advanced API integration. Again, it all depends on the goals of the specific website.

    Below is a list of the languages and frameworks I have worked with:

    • HTML5/CSS 3

    • PHP

    • .NET

    • Jquery

    • Cake PHP

    • Wordpress

  • Print Design

    Print Design

    From business cards to advertisements it is important to have a look that is consistent with your company profile and conducive to your market. It is more important than ever to capture your clients and customers quickly while coherently relaying your message. I design not purely off of aesthetics alone, but rather with a combination of appearance and purpose. I have handled print material for a wide array of industries. I have also specialized in print design projects which include: brochures, flyers, newsletters, posters, booth displays and business cards.

  • Branding


    A company's brand is its' signature. It represents the company as a whole and is crucial for customer/client recognition and credibility. A great logo will set apart a company from its competitors. The brand image needs to portray the business in a flattering light that is detailed to the industry and market that it serves. I have created 25+ brands spanning a vast collection of industries using custom fonts and icons.

  • Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    The main goal of any internet marketing campaign is to drive traffic. I have consulted and managed many internet marketing projects including pay-per-click campaigns(PPC), as well as search engine optimization(SEO) for small and large companies alike.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) has change significantly in the past five years. The tricks of keyword stuffing and mini-sites are no longer applicable to SEO. SEO is about content and the proper placement of vital tags during frontend development (i.e. HTML structure).

    Pay-Per-Click(PPC) has revolutionized the advertising world giving a whole new meaning to cornering your target market. It is not only medium that works, but a medium where you can accurately track the effectiveness of efforts made. PPC also allows the marketer the ability to choose how they want to reach their perspective clients either through text-ads or image-ads.